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About The True North Project

We want to make a positive change in the fitness and wellness industry and open up health and fitness to everybody. By doing this we strive to give everyone the confidence to own their fitness and lifestyle. We believe that health fitness and nutrition are key components to living a balanced lifestyle. Our workshops and boot-camps aim to make attaining a balanced lifestyle; enjoyable, achievable and most importantly sustainable.

What is True North?

We both saw clients set and make goals based on another’s journey. This is one of the reasons they fail or may never even get off the ground. You are unique; therefore your goals must reflect that. A compass may tell you the direction of magnetic North but sometimes the difficulties lies in the route not the destination. In life no journey is ever certain it must be shaped by personal experiences and be designed to face the challenges and successes along the route not just focus blindly on the end destination.

So when we say find your true north, what we are saying is BE YOURSELF! If you have goals DO IT FOR YOU. Be your biggest fan and your greatest motivator. Most of all provide yourself with the tools to be the best version of you (that’s where we come in) 

Our workshops will aim to provide

  • Improved self confidence and self worth

  • Improved knowledge of fitness

  • Better nutritional Education

  • Improved stress management and goal setting and achieving

  • Improved body confidence

  • Higher motivation

  • Improved relationship with food

We aim to develop a supporting community, who all want to make lasting positive changes to their Lifestyle their way.

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