How to FINALLY achieve your fitness goals!!

You are probably familiar with some if not all of the following phrases;

  • But I have been really GOOD the past few days…
  • I don’t have the TIME to workout and prepare healthy meals…
  • Monday is the START of a new week and a new me…
  • I STRUGGLE in the evenings with snacking when I get home from work…

We are here to tell you that you are by no means on your own or on the wrong path.

We live in a word of abundance (fun, entertainment, food, beverages etc…), a world that has created a faster pace of life with marketing campaigns and social media all fighting for our attention.

Inevitably, the world doesn’t want you to reach your fitness goals, whether it to lose weight and/or build muscle etc.….

Think about this for a moment

How many businesses do you think would not exist if everyone was a fitness mad??…the fast food industry would be wiped out overnight, not to mention all the so called “Quick Fix” solutions to getting in shape that prey on people’s insecurities.

We are here to tell you that not being “Perfect” is OK!!

You can still achieve your fitness goals and still live in the real world, the world where it is OK to binge every so often, to eat your favourite foods, the world where restriction and deprivation are myths.

Now let us be 100% honest with you – this does not mean that making excuses, partying every weekend, putting in minimal effort with your workouts and not taking responsibility with what you eat will suffice….

You get out what you put in…

This counts for all aspects of life (Business, Work, Relationships, Health & Fitness etc…)

We all have been guilty of pushing restrictive diets and regimented work out programs on clients in the past only to realise the hard way that this does not work in the long run.

To create a healthy lifestyle, good habits have to be implemented and become part of your life, they have to become part of who you are and be as important as eating to stay alive – and let us tell you right here right now that if you are one of those people who is looking for that quick fix solution, you are on the wrong path….

99% of us are not elite athletes, bodybuilders etc… we just want to look good and feel good in who we are without completely sacrificing our lives to the cause. Let me tell you that making a structured workout program part of your life and eating a healthy but enjoyable diet will achieve this- but only if you think long term.

So here are some tips to help get you on the road to SUCCESS;

  • Think long-term – quick fixes simply don’t work because they don’t FIX the correct habits in place
  • Don’t be too restrictive with your diet – life is to be lived, learn to enjoy what you eat and how it makes you feel
  • Make a structured workout program part of your life – focus on getting stronger and/or improving your technique with a particular exercise in each workout. These act as LITTLE WINS that help keep you mentally focused, especially if your goal seems so far away from being achieved right now
  • Have a specific goal – to lose weight and tone up is not a goal. How can you know where you would like to be if you cant actually see what it looks like at the end. This step is VITAL

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