The True North System

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The True North Project is like no other lifestyle programme on the market. Most online programs provide the end user with a generic workout and nutrition plan and focus on quantity over quality. With the True North System we strive to do things differently. It’s about quality for us. As a member of the True North family you receive tailored nutritional plans specific to your body type and goals. All our workouts are customised to accommodate you – so whether you are a member of a gym or prefer to workout at home with limited equipment, we can happily modify it to your requirements.

Also, our training programs are designed in phases so that the intensity is gradually increased as you become fitter and better able to push yourself more. As you work through our programme you reach targets that are directly related to you and help you see your progress Possibly the gem in our lifestyle programs, which definitely sets us apart from other online programs is our weekly motivation/therapy session with one of our highly trained coaches. During this one on one support call we recapture your initial motivations that got you started in the first place, look in depth into what might be hindering your progress and re-train your brain to make sure that these are still pushing you towards your goals.

So how do you get started and become a member of the True North Family?